Summer Webinar Series 2021: Climate Action in Cities

When and Where

Wednesday, July 28, 2021 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Dr. Laura Tozer



About the Webinar

To address the climate emergency, we need to transform our cities. Cities produce a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions and are vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. In this talk, Dr. Tozer will draw on her research on how to accelerate the transition to zero carbon, resilient and equitable cities. The first part of the webinar will describe how cities are tackling the climate crisis to reach carbon neutrality and increase resiliency to climate change impacts. Municipal governments, civil society, regional and national governments, citizens, and businesses are all involved in urban climate action. Dr. Tozer will highlight cutting edge deep decarbonization planning and practice taking place in several cities around the world. The second part of the webinar focuses on why tackling urban climate action requires an equity-centred approach that advances social justice. Overall, Dr. Tozer explains why it’s crucial that we continue to learn how to rapidly accelerate climate action in cities while preventing this transformation from exacerbating inequalities.


About the Speaker

Laura Tozer is an Assistant Professor of environmental studies in the Department of Physical and Environmental Sciences at the University of Toronto Scarborough. Her research focuses on the governance of energy and urban sustainability transitions. She researches transitions to zero-carbon, resilient and equitable cities by trying to understand how cities are being reconfigured in order to achieve decarbonization and resilience. She also researches the dynamics and politics of environmental governance to build a better understanding of how governments and communities shape societal change. Her work currently focuses on two research topics: urban energy transitions and nature-based climate solutions for cities.


How to Join

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Contact Information

Jessica Pinheiro Da Silveira