Summer Webinar Series 2022: Ontario’s Electricity Future with Angela Bischoff

When and Where

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm


Angela Bischoff


Join the School of the Environment and the Environmental Students’ Union for the annual Summer Webinar Series, an event series which started in the summer of 2020 in an effort to give students at the School of the Environment the opportunity to learn, connect, and share with one another. The first installment of the 2022 Series will feature Angela Bischoff, Director of the Ontario Clean Air Alliance!


Angela will be discussing Ontario’s Electricity Future – nuclear, gas or renewable? In the midst of a climate crisis, the Ford gov’t is ramping up gas power >600% , rebuilding 10 aging nuclear reactors, and building a new reactor at Darlington, while slashing conservation and renewable projects. This is the wrong direction! The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is advocating for a 100% renewably powered Ontario by 2030. Come out to hear their plan to keep the lights on.

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