Using big data to decode Big Oil’s climate change propaganda with Dr. Geoffrey Supran

When and Where

Monday, March 14, 2022 12:00 pm to 1:30 pm


Dr. Geoffrey Supran


About the Lecture

Harvard researcher Geoffrey Supran describes his ten-year journey from engineering nanotech clean energy technologies to uncovering the history of climate change denial by the fossil fuel industry. His talk will take us from the earliest days of the oil industry’s climate science research; to their decades-long campaign to confuse the public; to their present-day propaganda tactics that continue to delay climate action. We’ll learn how Geoffrey has brought quantitative, interdisciplinary environmental data science techniques to bear on this problem, and we’ll hear his plans for further advancing this cutting-edge field of digital humanities and climate communication science.

About the Speaker

Dr. Geoffrey Supran is a Research Associate in the Department of the History of Science at Harvard University and the co-founding Director of Climate Accountability Communication at the Climate Science Social Network. His research investigates the history of climate change disinformation and propaganda and has been published in journals including Science, Nature, Environmental Research Letters, and One Earth. Geoffrey has briefed U.S. Members of Congress, Governors, and Attorneys General; testified as an expert witness to EU Parliament and the Philippines Commission on Human Rights; and co-authored numerous amicus briefs in support of climate litigation. His research has been covered by most major print and TV news outlets. He is also a frequent contributor and commentator in international media, such as PBS Newshour, The New York Times, and The Guardian.

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