Kate Neville exploring the politics of energy transitions and transformations

March 29, 2023 by Kiran Champatsingh

Professor Kate Neville was featured in the Globe and Mail climate newsletter issue Globe Climate: This is the most consequential budget for climate in years. Here’s what to watch. She was profiled as a Canadian making a difference with her work exploring the politics of energy transitions and transformations. 

"My name is Kate Neville, I’m an associate professor at the University of Toronto in political science and the School of the Environment. I split my time between downtown Toronto on Dish with One Spoon territory and an off-grid cabin in northwestern B.C. on the territory of the Taku River Tlingit First Nation.

I study the politics of energy transitions and transformations, focusing on conflicts over how and where energy is produced and transported, and who owns and controls these projects. Recently, I’ve been writing more playfully about energy and work—how do we think about slowing down, stepping back, and pausing? I explore the meaning and value of idleness in my new book, Going to Seed, which has been awarded the Sowell Emerging Writers Prize [forthcoming 2024].

Instead of searching for the latest new tool or fuel that will solve all our troubles, we need to ask what we need energy for: what we are making, doing, moving and using? And can this be changed? Since technology alone won’t create a more just and sustainable world, we all need to participate in reimagining and reinventing our shared future."

- Kate