Master of Environment & Sustainability students working toward a sustainable future

June 7, 2023 by Rebecca Cheung - A&S News

From severe storms that hit with frightening frequency to increased health risks to mass poverty and displacement, the effects of the climate crisis can't be overlooked.

Though the situation seems dire, there is hope. The inaugural Master of Environment & Sustainability (MES) class at the School of the Environment is developing the leadership skills needed to lead us out of this crisis. These emerging leaders are acquiring critical skills, knowledge and perspectives by delving into environmental decision making, law and global climate politics in classes taught by leading experts and using multidisciplinary approaches to study the environment and human well-being challenges.

As they enter the final months of their program, students from the MES class of 2023 are reflecting on what they’ve learned, the initiatives they are tackling right now and how they hope to contribute to achieving a sustainable future for all.

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