Professor Brad Bass and his Incentivizing Behavioural Change project is featured in Arts and Science News

July 3, 2019 by Chris Sasaki

Professor Brad Bass studies the effectiveness of economic or financial incentives like late-pick-up fines, taxes, subsidies, rebates, and carbon taxes — as well as the effectiveness of policy incentives like laws and regulations.

He also examines other factors at play: social factors like a parent’s desire not to inconvenience a daycare worker; personality factors like an individual’s receptiveness to innovation; or political factors that determine a country’s cooperativeness or intransigence with another.

Bass has spent the last 20-some years exploring these questions with groups of undergraduate students enrolled in his Incentivizing Behavioural Change project run as part of the Faculty of Arts & Science’s Research Opportunity Program (ROP). The program provides second- and third-year students with an opportunity to work closely with a professor on a research project.

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