Professor Miriam Diamond named Earth Commissioner

March 26, 2024 by Kiran Champatsingh

Professor Miriam Diamond has been named an Earth Commissioner. The Earth Commission is an international team of social and natural scientists engaging over 60 researchers around the globe, coordinated by its scientific secretariat hosted by Future Earth – the globe’s largest network of sustainability scientists. The new cohort of experts embarking on the second cycle of scientific assessment was appointed by Future Earth, drawing on nominations from across and beyond its global research networks (over 160 nominations were considered). The final group, combining re-appointed and new Commissioners, was approved by the Directors’ Council of Future Earth.

The Earth Commission is the scientific cornerstone of the Global Commons Alliance, a growing coalition of scientists, philanthropists, civil society groups, businesses, and innovators, enabling collective action to safeguard the global commons.

During its first phase, the Earth Commission defined safe and just earth system boundaries – a safe and just operating space for human activity and a roadmap for how societies must transform in the years to come. Now, the Earth Commission is initiating its second assessment which will refine and expand on this framework by quantifying boundaries for new Earth System domains, such as Novel Entities (like toxic substances or microplastics) and the Ocean. The Earth Commission will deepen its understanding of justice and assess how governance and economics affect the societal transformations needed to stay within a safe and just operating space.

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