Professor Steve Easterbrook on how AI can predict the weather

November 21, 2023 by Kiran Champatsingh

Professor Steve Easterbrook discussed the pros and cons of Artificial intelligence being applied to predict the weather and it's accuracy in Weather forecasts may soon get better — with the help of AI. “It’s harder to use data from the past to predict what these extreme weather events are going to be like in the future,” said Easterbrook. “You have to watch out for things like that.” 

“It doesn’t tell you the full story,” he said. “You still need experts to basically say, ‘this is what is going to happen.'” Easterbrook warned that there are still limitations to the use of AI in weather forecasting and also some risks. For one, it is better at predicting weather in macro scenarios, not on a local level. And since machine learning weather models are mostly untested in operational settings, such as when there’s an extreme weather event, that could leave questions about how accurate it could be.

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