Congratulations to our 2021-22 award winners

May 5, 2022 by Kiran Champatsingh

The School of the Environment held a virtual awards celebration on May 3, 2022. All of us in the School of the Environment community are so proud of the outstanding accomplishments of our students and the contributionsthey have made to the life and work of the School of the Environment and the University. Also recognized were those who support our students' success — This includes donors whose generous gifts create awards and scholarships and the family members, life partners and friends behind the scenes. Congratulations to our award recipients! 

Undergraduate Award Winners


Dr. Stanley Allan Cord Scholarship in Environmental Studies: Sophie Sondhel

Francis L. Allen Scholarship: Claire Parish

Chachra Family Scholarship in Environmental Science: Emanuel Ellis

Jane Goodall Scholarship: Anna Shalin & Aden Fisher

Barbara Green Scholarship in Environmental Entrepreneurship: Mai-Yin Johnston & Taylor Ko & Aasfi Sadeque

Peter John Hare Memorial Scholarship in Environment: Ronglan Cao

Robert Hunter Scholarship: Emma Bernardo & Emily Wong

Jane Joy Memorial Scholarship: Excellence in Environmental Sustainability – Rebecca Mesburis

The Douglas Pimlott Entrance Award: Megan Horsthuis, Taryn Kim & Serena Yuan

The Douglas Pimlott Graduating Scholarship: Ana Garza-Canales & Claudia Lacroix

The Douglas Pimlott OSOTF Award: Ada Cooke-Baskier

Catherine J. Riggall Scholarship for Contributions to Sustainability: Claudia Lacroix

Kathryn S. Rolph Scholarship: Lauren Kroell

Sidney and Lucille Silver Scholarship: Oliver Bassel

Rodney White Environmental Studies Scholarship: Madeleine Frechette

Skip Willis Undergraduate Scholarship: Valerie Chiu


Graduate Award Winners


John R. Brown Award: Lauren Ead

George Burwash Langford Award: Lois Boody & Lidiya Beida

Sperrin Chant Award: David Hall

Marjorie Gillespie Bolton and Mabel Gillespie Norris Memorial Scholarship: Emiko Newman 

Eric David Baker Krause Graduate Fellowship: Nolan Sprangers

Arthur and Sonia Labatt Fellowships: Emily Neeson, Gina Kwon, Jae Page, Juan Jimenez, & Kerstyn Lutz

Beatrice and Arthur Minden Graduate Research Fellowship at the School of the Environment: Coral Chell, Luyao Zhang, & Christian Elliott

Alan H. Weatherley Graduate Fellowship in Environmental Leadership: Christian Elliott