For World Water Day students in ENV337H1 share their experiences through videos

March 22, 2021 by Kiran Champatsingh

Students from ENV337H1: Human Interactions with the Environment prepared videos for the World Water Day Celebration (March 22nd).  “It is a privilege to learn personally from students about their experiences after calculating their water footprint over two weeks, which they present in these videos: their challenges, difficulties, achievements, and insights,” says Sessional Lecturer Carlos Avendano.

The water footprint is not just about the water that comes out from the tap in our homes. Such footprint is also about all the water that forms part of the life cycle of the products that we use in our daily lives, the so-called virtual water.  Exploring the water footprint makes us more aware of how humans are active and passive elements of the water cycle and, therefore, how our food choices, for example, impact the global water cycle, even thousands of kilometres away from our homes.