Why Study at the School of the Environment?

Design Your Degree

The inter-disciplinary nature of our undergraduate programs means that you can tailor your degree to fit your interests. No two degrees are alike. The School of the Environment serves as a strong collaborative presence in environmental teaching and research across the University of Toronto. Our programs provide students with the knowledge and skills to understand and provide solutions to a global environmental crisis that touches upon all aspects of society.

Find your Community

The time spent outside of the classroom is crucial to your experience. There are so many ways to get connected and stay involved. From student groups, athletics, academics, and volunteering, the choices are endless. These are the relationships and memories that will last a lifetime.

Learn Beyond the Classroom

The School of the Environment offers a wide selection of courses for you choose from. Our courses tackle real-world issues, offer hands on learning, and get you out in the field. Our research and experiential courses provide opportunities for students to conduct small-group research, gain practical experience through field placements, and work on operational sustainability projects across campus.

Build a Meaningful Career

A degree from the School of the Environment provides our grads with the foundation on which to build fascinating and meaningful careers. While their paths are varied, their commitment to sustainability, social justice, and positive change brings them together.