BSc and BA Major and Minor Programs

The School of the Environment offers core programs in two areas: Environmental Science BSc Major and Minor, and Environment Studies BA Major and Minor. When taken in conjunction with other programs in a related academic field they provide students with a powerful combination of disciplinary depth and interdisciplinary breadth.

Environmental Science (BSc)

Our Environmental Science BSc Major and Minor programs provide students with a breadth of knowledge spanning scientific disciplines, and the tools to understand and integrate scientific principles from across the physical and biological sciences. Students are exposed to disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge and research skills necessary to function as an environmental scientist.

These programs recognize the multi-scale and multidisciplinary nature of the field and reflect the fact that most environmental issues are complex and involve aspects drawing from many different areas of science. At its core, environmental science is concerned with the scientific analysis and development of creative solutions to environmental problems.

Students are exposed to disciplinary and interdisciplinary knowledge, and research skills necessary to function as an environmental scientist. They are encouraged to combine the Environmental Science Major or Minor with a specialist or major in a science or social science discipline (e.g., physics, biology, political science, sociology), with the objective of applying the skills and knowledge of that discipline to understanding and addressing environmental issues.

Environmental Studies (BA)

Our Environmental Studies BA Major and Minor programs are interdisciplinary programs intended for students interested in studying and working in an environmental area, primarily within the social sciences or humanities. It offers rigorous academic study of the of the economic, social, cultural, and political forces that drive issues such as species extinction, loss of biodiversity, air and water pollution, and climate change. 

The interdisciplinary structure of the program provides grounding in scientific literacy while advancing critical thinking skills that will help students to evaluate complex environmental problems and sustainable solutions for improved environmental health and well-being. The major program provides a more in-depth exploration of this field of study.

Students can combine the Environmental Studies BA with other programs (for example, in a double major) in related academic fields. BA programs in Architecture, Economics, Human Geography, Political Science or Women and Gender Studies are examples of programs highly complementary to the BA in Environmental Studies.