School of the Environment Event Co-Sponsorship Request Form

School of the Environment Event Co-Sponsorship Request Form

The School of the Environment provides coordinated communication of environment-related research and education across U of T, so faculty can more readily collaborate across disciplines, and students can more easily find programs that suit their needs and interests. The great strength of the School is the diversity of our community and our shared desire to learn from each other and broaden our perspectives. We do this by collaborating with other academic units and building relationships with the greater community. 


•    Any academic unit or student group from the University of Toronto, or community group, may request event co-sponsorship.
•    Co-sponsorships are funded within the fiscal year May 1-April 30. Units/groups may only request funding once per fiscal year.
•    Complete requests will be considered by the School of the Environment’s Event & Communications Committee. There is no guarantee requests will be granted. 

If you meet the eligibility criteria and would like the School to co-sponsor your event, please submit this form. Submissions will be reviewed on a rolling basis and successful applicants will be contacted by our events team.

Contact Information
Event Details
Please include the event type (lecture, panel discussion, etc), estimated number of attendees, and how the event applies to the School of the Environment’s mission.
Where possible, please indicate sources of funding for the event.
If yes, please include a detailed budget and the total contribution request from the School of the Environment.
If yes, please explain how the School of the Environment may help with planning.
If yes, please outline the promotional support needed.
Other Questions/Comments