Class of 2021Perspectives

Congratulations Class of 2021

Graduation is the culmination of years of hard work and sacrifice. It is a celebration of an achievement to be shared with family and friends. The School and the U of T community was deeply saddened by the cancellation of this year’s Spring convocation ceremony. In addition to the University’s virtual graduation ceremony, we felt it was important to recognize and celebrate the achievements of the Class of 2021 by featuring these profiles. We are incredibly proud of our students and hope you enjoy finding out more about them.

Genevieve Crispin-Fre

Genevieve Crispin-Frei (2021), BA Major in Environmental Studies, double Minor in Classical Civilizations and Buddhism, Psychology, and Mental Health
"This program has taught me that though the future of the environmental crisis looks bleak, there are many good people acting to create change."

Bella Efremenko

Bella Efremenko (2021), BA Major in Statistics, Minor in Mathematics and Environmental Studies
"I think moving forward we need to change our relationship with nature, and have a healthier connection and live as one."

Shimeihui Fan

Shimeihui Fan (2021), Hons. BSc Environmental Studies
"There was one time I had to participate in a parade for a course assignment, I though it would be boring, turns out that was one of my favorite memories during my undergraduate study."

Niyat Gebreab

Niyat Gebreab (2021), BA double Major in Environmental Studies and Cognitive Science
"I learned to identify trees on campus with other students. My daily walks became transformed with this new knowledge."

Greta Goranson

Greta Quinn Goranson (2021), BA double Major in Environmental Geography and Environmental Studies, Minor in Political Science
"I am very passionate about environmental protection and studying human connections to nature."

Claudia Lacroix

Claudia Lacroix (2021), BSc Major in Environmental Science, Major in Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, Minor in Environmental Biology
"By far, my favourite memories with the school have been as the Co-President of the Environmental Students Union where we worked together to host numerous online events and even launch an environmental undergraduate journal featuring the work of numerous students."

Andy Lin

Andy Lin (2021), BA double Major in Environmental Studies and Human Geography
"For each piece of materials that I have gained from the school, I feel that I have a deeper understanding of the dynamic environment, which has changed my worldview."

Mojtaba Mehry

Mojtaba Mehry (2021), BA double Major in Environmental Studies and Forest Conservation, Minor in Environmental Geography
"My favourite memory from my time with the School of the Environment is the walk through the Earth Sciences Centre."

Julia Messersi

Julia Messersi (2021), Hons. BSc, Major in Environmental Science, Minor in Environmental Geography, and a Minor in French Studies
"The School of the Environment provided me with so many amazing opportunities to truly apply what I learned in the classroom in the real world." 

Slendy Aman Montero Photo

Slendy Aman Montero (2021), Hons. BSc Double Major in Environmental Studies and Biodiversity & Conservation Biology, and a Minor in Biology
"I want to continue preparing myself as much as I can both personally and academically in order to contribute to have a better planet where future generations can enjoy of our mother earth."

Ira Srivastava

Ira Srivastava (2021), Hons. BSc Major in Biodiversity and Conservation Biology, Minors in Environmental Biology and The Environment and Energy
I think this pandemic has presented us with an opportunity to create meaningful and systemic changes in the way our governments and institutions operate."

 Hyo Jun Suh

Hyo Jin Suh (2021), BA Major in Environmental Studies 
"As climate change issues were becoming more critical, I wished to study the area further."

 Jennifer Qian Wan

Jennifer Qian Wan (2021), Hons. BA Specialist in Architectural Studies, Minors in French and Environmental Studies
"After enrolling in ENV221 as an elective, I found environmental studies to be both interesting and relevant to society today."


Jinglin Yang (2021), BA double Major in Environmental Studies and Environmental Geography
"The School invites people from diverse backgrounds to engage and share their personal experiences so that everyone can learn about diverse points of view on the same problem."